IYPAD Frequently Asked Questions

Q1          What is IYPAD?

A1           IYPAD stands for International Year for People of African Descent. The year 2011 was declared by the United Nations (Resolution 64/169) as the International Year for People of African Descent.


Q2          What is the focus of IYPAD?

A2           The theme of the year is "Recognition, Justice and Development" for the People of African Descent. The IYPAD Global Movement was started to achieve these goals and our focus is on Development, since we believe that the other two goals can be achieved by once the development of each and every person of African Descent is achieved.


Q3          What are the goals of IYPAD?

A3           The Goals of IYPAD are the same as the theme of the year and to achieve these we have set out to bring People of African Descent together, to pool their skills and resources and to put their creative abilities and their knowledge to good use in achieving these goals.


Q4          What countries are represented in IYPAD?

A4           All countries where People of African Descent live and work.


Q5          How can I join IYPAD and after joining what can I do?

A5           To join IYPAD Global Movement, visit IYPAD Central and familiarise yourself with the Protocols. Then request to join IYPAD Central on facebook and afterwards, join your country group by typing  "IYPAD (your country)" in the search and it will come up. Click on the "Request to join" button and you will be added. You may also join any of our interests or activities groups on facebook and make contributions there. A list of interest groups can be found here. You can also join in helping to organise IYPAD activities in your country and share experiences with our members. You will meet People of African Descent from all over the world and interact with them. IYPAD is a platform for business and trade as well. You will find our groups like IYPAD Black Business Promotions and IYPAD Trade and Commerce which you can request to join.


Q6          Can organizations join IYPAD?

A6           Yes. All of the members of an organisation can join IYPAD but the leaders would represent the organisation if required.


Q7          Does IYPAD accept donations?

A7           Yes. Go to our donations page.


Q8          How does IYPAD track its progress?

A8           There are groups by country and by interests or activity which are monitored in various ways.


Q9          What are IYPAD's plans after 2011?

A9           It is expected that the UN will make two further declarations. First a Day for People of African Descent to be celebrated annually and the Decade for People of African Descent 2011 - 2020. We therefore expect that our work will continue for the decade.


Q10        What are IYPAD's current programs?

A10        Global Day of the Drum on July 3- 5th and the IYPAD People's Conference at the end of the year are the two major activities for the year. Our programmes include the development of think tanks on several issues, forming several business networks using one portal and any other initiatives undertaken by our members. Apart from this, donations will go towards assisting country programmes wherever possible


Q11        How do I submit something for IYPAD's consideration?

A11        The room IYPAD Programs (which can be found under IYPAD Groups on this site) is currentlly under construction.  Once IYPAD Programs is ready, serious proposals can be posted.  Appropriate proposals may be considered as funding becomes available.  


Q12        How do I contact IYPAD?

A12        Visit IYPAD Central and click on the "Contact Us" tab.  Messages can also be left at 855-329-3786 - 855-DAY-DRUM, we will return the call as soon as possible.



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