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Libya conflict: revelations emerge that Obama has authorised undercover help (Mission)

Barack Obama has signed 'finding' order, fuelling speculation that US and allies are planning to arm rebels

  • The Guardian, Thursday 31 March 2011
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  • Libya conflict: revelations emerge that Obama has authorised undercover help
    With the Libya conflict in danger of spiralling out of control, Barack Obama has fuelled speculation that the US and allies are planning to arm rebels. Photograph: Rex Features

    The scope of active US and British involvement with the Libyan rebels came under close scrutiny last night as it emerged that western intelligence agents were on the ground in the country and that Barack Obama had signed a secret order authorising covert help.

    Obama signed an order, known as a "finding", within the last two or three weeks, Reuters reported. The move will undoubtedly fuel speculation that the US and its allies are planning to actively arm the rebels. The White House and the CIA both declined to comment on the report.

    However, a US intelligence source pointed out such orders were the beginning of a process of authorisation and concrete actions - such as having agents actively supplying arms to the rebels - would need further authorisations before they can proceed.

    "Rather than full go ahead, the idea is that there is a nuance to this process," the source told The Guardian.

    However, at the same time details were revealed of CIA and British intelligence operations inside Libya itself, which do involve a presence on the ground though fall short of a full operation of assistance. The New York Times reported that the CIA had inserted clandestine agents into the country to gather intelligence and help with identifying targets for airstrikes.

    They included spies who had already been stationed in Libya and others who have arrived more recently. The newspaper also reported that "dozens" of British agents and special forces were also inside Libya, helping direct attacks by British aircraft.

    The claims will fuel fears that the Libyan conflict is rapidly escalating out of control, especially in the wake of disastrous setbacks to rebel forces on the battlefield. After a day of advances by Gaddafi forces, the rebels have lost almost all the ground they gained since the airstrikes began. Obama has been at pains to insist there will not be a US military force put on the ground in Libya. But the emphasis on arming the rebels and news of CIA agents will fuel the fears of those who see that event as a worrying inevitability.

    Obama is coming under increasing domestic pressure from both Republicans and some Democrats. Their concerns vary, from some liberal Democrats who insist that Obama has acted unconstitutionally in ordering the strikes, to those who claim he has not yet outlined a concrete way to end the conflict and has been contradictory in stating how Gaddafi will be forced from power. To assuage such concerns, in part at least, Hillary Clinton and defence chief Robert Gates briefed the upper and lower houses of Congress on Wednesday afternoon. The briefing was closed to the press, but a few politicians spoke afterwards.

    Republican senator Lindsey Graham said that the issue of CIA operations inside Libya had not been raised at the briefings and praised Clinton and Gates. "It was a good briefing," he told CNN.

    Graham also said that he would not support the introduction of any ground troops into Libya but did support measures to assist the rebels. "The idea of aiding the rebels is something that pleases me," he said, "[but] if you introduce western forces on the ground you would undercut the opposition and it would backfire."

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African Union court on human rights orders Libya to stop killing, report back to court

NAIROBI, Kenya - Africa's highest court on human rights has ordered Libya to immediately cease any action that would result in the loss of life. The order also compels Libya to report to the Tanzania-based court within two weeks.

The ruling is the first-ever issued by the court against a state, Clive Baldwin, a legal adviser at Human Rights Watch, said Thursday.

The African Court on Human and Peoples' Rights, which falls under the authority of the African Union, issued its ruling on March 25 but did not make it public until Wednesday. The African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights brought the case to the Tanzania-based court.

Human rights activists called the decision a positive step for the protection of civilians.

The petition against Libya said that "serious and massive violations of human rights" that are guaranteed under the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights had taken place.

The commission alleged that demonstrations in Benghazi and four other Libyan cities on Feb. 19 were "violently suppressed by security forces who opened fire at random on the demonstrators, killing and injuring many people."

The court issued the orders without hearing written or oral hearings because of what it called the imminent risk of loss of life.

Baldwin said Human Rights Watch, Interights and the Egyptian Initiative on Personal Rights took a case against Libya to the African rights commission, which then presented the case to the court. He said that Libya has said in the past that it would comply with the court's rulings.

"Gadhafi has often claimed to be one of the leaders of Africa, and he was behind pushing for an African Union some years ago," Baldwin said.

African Union member states must now apply pressure if the rulings of the court are to have any practical effect, Baldwin said. He noted that rulings of the European Court of Human Rights are effective because of the peer pressure applied by member states.

Joanne Sawyer, the litigation director at Interights, a group that promotes human rights worldwide, said the African court's action was a positive step.

"This strong action from the African court is a clear signal to the Libyan government that they will be held accountable for their actions," Sawyer said.

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High‐Level Committee on Libya insists on Peaceful Settlement

Paul Simba Rock March 31 at 8:54am

(Please note the Libyan position that it is still open to a peaceful resolution of the situation, as they have indicated since the beginning of the fast developing war.)


Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, P.O. Box: 3243; Tel: (251‐11) 5513 822; Fax: (251‐11) 5519 321; Email: situationroom@africa‐


The African Union ad hoc High‐Level Committee on Libya convenes its second meeting in Addis Ababa


Addis Ababa, 25 March 2011:

As part of the follow‐up to the communiqué of the meeting of the AU High‐Level ad hoc Committee on Libya, in Nouakchott, Mauritania, on 19 March 2011, the ad hoc Committee convened its second meeting in Addis Ababa, on 25 March 2011, at the level of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, in line with the relevant provisions of the Peace and Security Council communiqué of 10 March 2011.

It is to be recalled that, during its Nouakchott meeting, the ad hoc Committee extended invitations to the Libyan authorities and to the National Transitional Council (NTC) of Libya to take part in a consultation in Addis Ababa. While the representatives of the Libyan Government attended the meeting, the members of the NTC were unable to do so. In the course of its Addis Ababa meeting, the ad hoc Committee met with those representatives of the Libyan Arab Jamahiriya and interacted with them on the AU Roadmap for a political solution to the crisis in Libya, as articulated in paragraph 5 of the Nouakchott communiqué of 19 March 2011.

In this regard, they formally reiterated the unconditional acceptance of the Roadmap by the Libyan Government. They further stressed the commitment of the Libyan authorities to a credible and effective cease‐fire and, to that effect, their readiness to facilitate the establishment and deployment of a monitoring and verification mechanism. The delegation also expressed the readiness of the Libyan Government to implement the other aspects of the AU Roadmap, including the adoption and implementation, in a peaceful and democratic manner, of political reforms that meet the aspirations of the Libyan people. The ad hoc Committee took note of the position thus expressed by the Libyan Government delegation, and assured it of its continued engagement.

The Committee reiterates its willingness to take steps to engage the NTC, on the basis of the AU Roadmap, with particular and urgent focus on the cessation of hostilities.

In conclusion, the Ministers exchanged views on the next steps to be taken in implementation of the ad hoc Committee's mandate and, in this regard, agreed on the early undertaking of the planned visit of the ad hoc Committee to Libya, at the level of Heads of State.

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African Union demands 'immediate' halt to Libya attacks

African Union demands 'immediate' halt to Libya attacks
AFP - A Libyan woman shouts slogans against strongman Moamer Kadhafi during a demonstration in front of the …

NOUAKCHOTT (AFP) - The African Union's panel on Libya Sunday called for an "immediate stop" to all attacks after the United States, France and Britain launched military action against Moamer Kadhafi's forces.

After a more than four-hour meeting in the Mauritanian capital, the body also asked Libyan authorities to ensure "humanitarian aid to those in need," as well as the "protection of foreigners, including African expatriates living in Libya."

It underscored the need for "necessary political reforms to eliminate the causes of the present crisis" but at the same time called for "restraint" from the international community to avoid "serious humanitarian consequences."

The panel also announced a meeting in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa on March 25, along with representatives from the Arab League, the Organisation of Islamic Conference, the European Union and the United Nations to "put in place a mechanism for consultation and concerted action" to resolve the Libyan crisis.

The AU committee on Libya is composed of five African heads of state. But the Nouakchott meeting was only attended by the presidents of Mauritania, Mali and Congo. South Africa and Uganda were represented by ministers.

The committee said it had been unable to get international permission to visit Tripoli on Sunday but did not elaborate.

Libyan generosity and Moamer Kadhafi's role in the creation of the African Union could explain the continental cautious stand, experts said.

The AU was born in the 1999 Sirte Declaration, named after a summit hosted by Kadhafi in his hometown on the Libyan coast.

The declaration said its authors felt inspired by Kadhafi's "vision for a strong and united Africa."

"The AU as an organisation has benefited significantly from Kadhafi's wealth," said Fred Golooba Mutebi of the Institute of Social Research at Kampala's Makerere University.

The pan-African body has taken a firmer stance on three west African crises: most recently Ivory Coast and previously Guinea and Niger.

Handouts aside, Libya has invested billions of dollars in sub-Saharan Africa.

It has interests in more than two dozen African countries, while its petroleum refining and distribution unit Oil Libya has interests in at least as many.

Libyan telecommunications unit LAP Green is present in five countries in the region and expanding rapidly.

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IYPAD International Movement Founder Calls for End to all Wars in Africa


Roosevelt King,
Founder of IYPAD International Movement

First Cry: End all Wars in Africa!

In this International Year for People of African Descent (IYPAD), declared by the United Nations, The USA endorsed the year with a launching of IYPAD in Washington, marked by a speech by the Secretary of State giving commitment to uplifting the People of African Descent and noting the contributions by African Americans.

IYPAD International Movement notes, with great sadness, the war being fueled and waged in the lands of Africa in this the Year for People of African Descent (2011).

IYPAD International Movement also notes that the USA and its allies France and England are the prime participants fueling and waging these wars.

It is the effects of slavery and now these subsequent wars, along with the well documented instances of discrimination and injustices which are practiced in these said countries today and in many others across the world, that have persuaded the United Nations to declare this the year for People of African Descent; in recognition of the healing that is still required for African People to hold their heads up like any other race.

The United Nations team of Experts on People of African Descent has one member of African descendant. All the rest are white and they came to the conclusion that given all the People of African Descent have gone through from 1492 until present, there must be a time set aside for the People of African Descent to be immediately relieved of this millstone and that they need to achieve the three goals, namely "Recognition, Justice and Development" and have set out the year 2011 as that time.


IYPAD International Movement calls for a complete halt to the killing of innocent African people by all parties and a total and complete end to war and hostilities within the African continent as this is an affront to the UN Declaration of 2011 as the International Year for the People of African Descent.

IYPAD International Movement calls on all People of African Descent to raise your voices against the wars in Africa and lobby your governments to desist from supporting any war in Africa as a mark of respect for this Year for People of African Descent.

IYPAD International Movement further calls on all people of African Descent to desist from being encouraged to demonise their own African leaders as the said USA, France and England who are encouraging this cannot claim to be spotlessly clean after perpetrated the inhumanity of slavery against the People of African Descent for 400 years, and are now pitting African People against African People and interfering into the political affairs of African countries to create civil unrest and craft wars, keeping the People of African Descent: deprived; in a state of terror; in deep poverty; and consistently raided and raped of their resources.

Finally, on behalf of the People of African Descent, IYPAD International Movement strongly encourages the USA, France and England to respect the UN Declaration and let peace reign in Africa and among the People of African Descent wherever they are.


The IYPAD International Movement

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West Want Oil not Democracy

Libya needs no Invasion

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